Business Model Contents
Chapter I: Market positioning
Chapter II: Business Model
Activity I: Business Model Canvas

Activity I: Business Model Canvas


  1. This is a practical activity and must be carry out collaboratively.
  2. This practical activity will be done in four stages:
    • First stage: whose purpose will be to define the value proposition and segment/s of the market to which it is aimed.
    • Second stage: the objective will be to indicate how the value proposition will be delivered, and how the relationship with the customer will be.
    • Third stage: the objective will be to indicate how the delivery will be carried out by identifying the essential activities, the necessary resources and the partnerships to be established.
    • Fourth stage: the objective will be to analyse its economic viability, identifying the source of revenue and operating costs
  3. Each stage will generate results that will be exposed and discussed to provoke a debate among students to agree on a single result that will be the starting point of the next stage.
  4. That result achieved at each stage will be pasted onto the Business Model Canvas template so that it is visible to everyone.
  5. Final part: whose purpose is raised conclusions by making an overall assessment of the model, its coherence, its position in the market, and chances of success or further changes to be made for its implementation.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is available here. Please remember that this is a collaborative activity, you must expose and discuss your proposals and ideas! A single result will be the starting point of the next stage.

Collaborative edition

Groups: please join the working group through this link....

Discussion forum: ¿¿¿not available in draft and under review documents ?????

Internal messaging:

Activity panel:


Present your activity

Once the final conclusions are raised and the Business Model Canvas is complete....

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