Business Model Contents
Chapter I: Market positioning
Chapter II: Business Model
Activity I: Business Model Canvas

Chapter I: Business Model


1. ________ is influenced by the service encounters (touchpoints) that together form the complex customer journey.

Customer experience
Parcel Lockers
Purchase stage

2. Driven by consumers, the e-commerce surge stems from the final leg of the supply chain: the ________ where the order placement and the service encounter occur.

Consumer journey
Service touchpoint
Key variable

3. _______ in the e-customer journey increases customer expectations.

Service innovation
Consumer innovation
Touchpoint innovation
Holistic consumer

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1. The growth of smart homes is associated with the recent developments of the:

Artificial Intelligence, data, and clouds
Internet of Things technology, data, and machine learning
Clouds, data, and machine learning
Artificial intelligence and consumer journey

2. Miele structured its new Smart Home Division as a network-oriented organization with a focus on:

Artificial intelligence and startups
Consumer journey
Lean, startup-like, customer-centered processes

3. Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution is:

The application of digital technologies in the manufacturing process
Artificial Intelligence- centered
Impactful only in certain sectors
Internet-of-Things centered

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1. Real disruptive innovations:

Are always based on digital technological innovations
Usually offer lower quality services or products than the ones already offered on the standard market
Usually offer higher-quality services or products than the ones already offered on the standar market
Usually offer the best services of products available on the market

2. Disruptive innovations are:

Technologically-leaded, but consumer-oriented
Entirely focused on the consumer-journey
Focused on Artificial Intelligence
Focused on Internet of Things

3. What is the definition of a Unicorn company:

A startup applying a disruptive innovation
A startup at the end of its life cycle
A startup already on the stock exchange
A startup receiving an evaluation that exceeds 1$ dollars

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